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Sometimes we need that extra help to make our lives less stressful. Coming home to a pristine, clean and fresh home makes all the difference and Adam’s Services can provide a Maid service designed to suit your requirements. Whether you want a one-off clean, a weekly Maid service or a permanent live-in Maid, Adam’s Services specialise in recruiting the best local maids in the UK and Overseas.

Adam’s Services follow strict procedures to ensure the Maids we recruit are reliable, suitable and experienced for the jobs they do. We personally match Maids to our Client’s needs and focus on understanding our Client’s requirements and preferences to ensure the most suitable Maids are chosen.

Our Maids will clean your home from top to bottom and take pride in the work they do. All our Maids are professionally trained, presentable and flexible and will clean your home to meet your individual house cleaning requirements.

Each home is unique and Adam’s Services work closely with our Client’s to ensure the service you get meets your needs. Many Client’s have Maids who come in once a week or for an arranged number of days to help clean their home while others prefer to have a in-house Maid who is available every day and who will take on daily tasks around the home. An in-house Maid is an ideal solution for Client’s who have homes in different locations and often will accompany the family, bond with the children and provide that extra pair of hands when needed.

Adam’s Services have a wealth of experience when it comes to recruiting Maids both in the UK and Overseas. Expatriate families often find the chore of recruiting a Maid when they move to another country a difficult and time consuming one. Adam’s Services can make the experience a simple, stress-free one and will deal with the vetting procedures, visas and work permits, insurance and documentation that often prove time consuming and taxing.

Adam’s Services offer a one-stop solution to your Maid dilemmas with a loyal database of experienced Maids who are highly trained, courteous and dependable and who are prepared to take on long-term or short-term projects.

If you are looking for a Maid to make your home run smoothly or are a Maid with the right experience and a flexible attitude, Adam’s Services are waiting to hear from you. Your home is your haven and Adam’s Services can provide the ideal Maid to help keep it that way.


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