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Adam’s Services provide Chauffeurs for both private and corporate households. The role of the Chauffeur has become a more flexible one in today’s modern world and can incorporate some household duties and garden maintenance or in some cases a personal security role. The general view of a Chauffeur’s duties is a straightforward one of driving the family, friends and associates to the required destinations, ensure appointments are met, run errands and carry out basic car maintenance, cleaning and valeting and safety.

If you are looking for a modern, forward thinking Chauffeur, Adam’s Services specialise in providing Chauffeurs for both live-in and live-out positions in the UK and Overseas. All our Chauffeurs undertake rigorous Enhanced CRB checks and are experts in their profession. A good Chauffeur will provide a safe, friendly and professional service and will have expertise in advanced driving techniques.

All our Chauffeurs are personally interviewed and their references independently checked. We only employ Chauffeurs who fit our stringent standards, are smart and well presented, take great pride in their profession, and are discreet, polite and adaptable. Adam’s Services rigorously expect licenses and qualifications and ensure they have a good knowledge of UK roads or the area they will be working.

Many of our Chauffeurs come with advanced driving certificates, defensive driving and anti-hijack certificates and Rolls Royce chauffeur training. We believe our Chauffeurs are ambassadors for their employers and we expect only the very best from the Chauffeurs we employ.

For whatever reason you employ your Chauffeur, Adam’s Services understand each situation is a unique one and we will discuss closely with you what you require from your Chauffeur before matching a shortlist for you to look over. A Corporate Chauffeur may be needed for basic office and courier duties as well as meeting urgent deadlines in ensuring employees get to appointments on time. Private households may expect their Chauffeur to run children to and from school as well as after-school activities and making sure pets get their daily exercise. A Chauffeur can be engaged to take care of the personal security of the employer and their family. Adam’s Services aim to provide the right Chauffeur to meet your needs and bring the expertise required to fulfil the role.

If you are looking for a Chauffeur who is experienced, professional and an asset to their profession, or you are looking for work as a Chauffeur and can meet our exacting standards, then Adam’s Services would love to hear from you.


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