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Family Personal Assistants

Family Personal Assistants will assist and organise the lives of families who have busy schedules. Blessed with exemplary organisational and time management skills, a Family Personal Assistant will reschedule appointments to accommodate changes in the personal lives of the family, have excellent communication skills and take care of the more intimate jobs like arranging excursions and holidays, buying gifts for friends and family members, dealing with household/business accounts, running errands, dealing with correspondence and social arrangements. The role of a Family Personal Assistant will vary according to the family’s needs and may require the ability to speak a second language and travel within the UK and Overseas.

Adam’s Services run a dedicated recruitment service specialising in placing Family Personal Assistants into private households. Most Family Personal Assistants are required to work within the Client’s home on a full or part-time basis and may be required to travel to different locations to fit into the lifestyle of the family.

The perfect Family Personal Assistant is one who can multi-task, can prioritise and think on their feet. A Family Personal Assistant is there to make life easier for the Client, whether it’s liaising with contractors, online shopping, household accounts, travel arrangements, organising after school activities or picking up the dry cleaning, a Family Personal Assistant is indispensible to a busy household and will take care of the important things you don’t have the time for.

Adam’s Services understand that recruiting the right Family Personal Assistant who will fit seamlessly into family life and become the glue to keep the family operations running smoothly is vitally important. We meticulously interview each Family Personal Assistant and liaise closely with our Clients to ensure that the right candidates are put forward to meet the requirements of the family.

A Family Personal Assistant’s role will vary enormously and Adam’s Services can supply a bespoke service that will be tailored to your needs and help find that all important member of staff to make your household run smoothly.

We are constantly on the lookout for talented Family Personal Assistants who come with exemplary references, are forward thinking, flexible and prepared to think outside the box. So if you are looking for a Family Personal Assistant or you are looking for employment and believe you have the qualities to work for one of our Clients, Adam’s Services are eagerly waiting for your call.


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