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If you are looking for a personalised service that exceeds all expectations, an ambassador for a private residence or hotel, someone who is discreet, with flawless organisation and first-rate presentation, then you may be thinking of employing a Butler.

Today, the role of the Butler is a more flexible one than the traditionally defined austere manservant of old . Modern day Butlers are considered to be the most important and versatile domestic employee, often assuming a combination of roles to suit the needs of the individual employer. A Butler can act as a valet, chauffeur, head waiter or personal assistant with ease and dignity and maintain an excellence of service and that puts them in a league of their own.

Depending on the size of the household, a Butler may be the most senior of staff and will have the skills to manage, supervise, recruit and dismiss all domestic staff, keep household accounts and stock control and have excellent communication and administration skills to liaise with contactors, suppliers and services and produce inventories and valuations.

A Personal Butler will be take responsibility of caring for the Client’s wardrobe, purchasing clothes, packing and unpacking of suitcases, possess an excellent formal dining etiquette and a knowledge of wine and cigars and ensure the wine cellar and bar are fully stocked. A country estate will often expect the Butler to have some knowledge and experience of organising shooting parties and taking care of guns and supervising household staff associated with these events. The role of the Butler is an important and diverse one, and will depend on the requirements of the household. Adam’s Services personally ensure that only the finest Butlers with the right experience are presented to our Clients for selection.

A Butler will travel with their employers and often need to run multiple homes and may be required to speak a second language. A Butler should maintain total loyalty to their employer and provide an excellence of service and discretion that befits their role. Adam’s Services will only source Butlers who have excellent standards and are a credit to their profession. We work closely with our Clients to ensure all their requirements are met. Our recruitment process follows strict protocols and vetting procedures and utilise our expertise to finely tune the right candidate to the right position.

If you are looking to employ a Butler, Adam’s Services can provide a no obligation discussion on the services you require and help find you that indispensible Butler you have been looking for.

If you are a Butler with excellent skills and experience that puts you above the rest, Adam’s Services would love to from you.


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