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Live-in Couples

Employing Live-in Couples has become increasingly popular in large households. A domestic Live-in Couple is usually a married couple that provides services as needed for the home and family. This comprehensive household team where one takes responsibility for domestic duties inside the home like cleaning, cooking, menu planning, shopping, laundry and general household duties whilst the other takes responsibility for caretaking, gardening, maintenance, repairs, vehicles repairs is a winning combination.

A Live-in Couple can cover a wide range of differing tasks within the household and many Clients’ welcome the benefits of having a Live-in Couple rather than employing individual staff to undertake the work. Live-in Couples will come with experience of working in formal households as well as more relaxed family units. Most Live-in Couples are expected to live-in, would require separate accommodation and be prepared to travel with the family at home or abroad.

Adam’s Services provide domestic and household management couples and rigorously screen each candidate to fit every household. Our clients include private families, high profile individuals as well as businesses and corporations. Hiring a Live-in Couple can strengthen your domestic situation as it is often a great benefit to have two people to share the responsibilities and can provide security and maintenance when the property is unoccupied. A Live-in Couple is also the perfect solution if you travel extensively and have pets as they can take care of animals while you are away.

There are many combinations of Live-in Couples and many bring their own skills and expertise. Adam’s Services aim to provide the right couple to suit your requirements and your lifestyle. Whether you require a housekeeper, cook, handyman, gardener, butler, chauffeur, gamekeeper, nanny or estate management couple, we will ensure that only the couples that fit your requirements are shortlisted for your perusal.

Live-in Couples usually stay with their families for a long time, so it is essential they fit not only skill-wise but also personality-wise. Adam’s Services have the expertise to finely tune the right arrangement to match your personal requirements and to make that all round winning combination.

Why not give Adam’s Services a call, we will be happy to discuss your briefing requirements and job specification for your Live-in Couple. Whether live-in, live-out, full time or on a part-time basis we will be happy to help find the right staffing solution for you.

Are you looking for a Live-in Couple or are you a Live-in Couple looking for employment? Adam’s Services bring together winning combinations so why not call us today.


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