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Careers NVQ2 & 3

Adam’s Services are a leading recruitment consultant supplying Domestic and Corporate positions for private homes and businesses within the UK and Overseas. Adam’s Services take pride in our close relationship with both clients and candidates with a view to fully understanding their personalities, values, requirements and expectations. We aim to individually match the right candidate to the right position and establish a successful and long-term relationship.

If you are looking for a career within a private household, estate or business and you have experience and the relevant qualifications Adam’s Services would love to hear from you. Adam’s Services know our clients expect the very best from their staff, so we only represent household and estate staff with experience and/or qualifications such as NVQ2 and 3. We are looking for top quality experienced people who have the expertise to work in some of the most esteemed households, businesses and estates across the UK and overseas.

Adam’s Services are a career friendly, professional agency employing permanent and short term placements offering good salaries and conditions to the right candidates. With up-to-date vacancies on our website and an online application form it couldn’t be easier to register with Adam’s Services.

Adam’s Services believe in our workforce and provide the best possible guidance and advice on all staffing issues. All staff are interviewed before registering with us so we can be sure that your skills, dedication and experience are the right calibre we are looking for. Up-to- date Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks and all other UK related legislation need to be in place before you can be considered for a position with our clients.

A career in hospitality, catering or childcare require the relevant NVQ2 & 3 qualifications and cover the skills and knowledge needed to ensure success in finding the right job and progressing in your career. Adam’s Services will be happy to discuss the requirements of the jobs available. Our consultants are highly trained, friendly professionals with a wealth of experience in their field. We can provide the best possible guidance to further your career and advise you on all staffing issues. Expertly matching candidates to the right client is the key to guaranteeing everyone is happy and is the secret behind what makes Adam’s Services so successful in what we do.

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