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Midwife and Maternity Nurses

Midwife and Maternity Nurses have limited availability and need to take bookings several months in advance. Adam’s Concierge Services register Midwife and Maternity Nurses who are highly experienced with excellent references but these should ideally be booked at the beginning of the pregnancy to ensure availability. A Midwife and Maternity Nurse provide that extra help to take care of your baby’s needs and allow you valuable time to spend with your new arrival.

Midwife and Maternity Nurses are dedicated to their work and love what they do. Providing help for Mum and baby, a Midwife and Maternity Nurse can help establish feeding and sleeping patterns, take the pressure off a new Mum and enable her to enjoy and bond with her baby in those first precious weeks. If you are planning to breast feed, the Midwife and Maternity Nurse will offer support and encouragement. If you decide to bottle feed, the Midwife and Maternity Nurse will take responsibility for sterilising and making up the bottles for your baby as well as supervising and tidying the baby’s room, baby’s laundry and the day to day responsibilities of caring for your baby.

Adam’s Concierge Services have a dedicated team of Midwife and Maternity Nurses who work within the UK and Overseas. From the first point of contact Adam’s Concierge Services will discuss which type of Midwife or Maternity Nurse will suite your expectations and nursing routine. We will liaise closely with you and provide available and suitable Midwifes and Maternity Nurses for your scheduled dates and help with selection and advice throughout the recruitment process.

A Midwife and Maternity Nurse will be on duty five to six days a week 24 hours if they live-in. Adam’s Concierge Services can also provide routine day or night only cover depending on what your requirements are. Whatever service you choose, a Midwife or Maternity Nurse will take care of the important routine tasks such as sleeping patterns, baby’s growth and weight gain, allowing Mum that all important resting period of recovery.

A good night’s sleep is heaven for a new Mum and a Midwife and Maternity Nurse will take care of baby throughout the night leaving Mum to sleep and wake up re-energised. Whether you require a full-time live-in Midwife and Maternity Nurse or cover for a specified number of hours, Adam’s Concierge Services are dedicated to providing the right Midwife and Maternity Nurse to suit your needs, and most importantly, that of your baby.


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