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A Governess will provide supplementary and complementary education and social development skills to help your children reach their full potential. You may travel extensively and require a Governess to help your children bridge some gaps in their education and provide a stable influence where languages and education levels may be different. A Governess can provide invaluable help for both parents and children providing expert teaching experience coupled with cultural awareness and social enhancement skills.

Adam’s Concierge Services can provide British Bilingual Governesses for the UK and Overseas who will provide the educational expertise to suit your needs.


A Nanny can be employed on a full-time or part-time basis and will care for your child/children either exclusively or on a shared basis depending on your requirements. Duties include taking the children to school, accompanying them on various activities, looking after their well-being, preparing meals and standard nursery duties.

Adam’s Concierge Service will only provide professional nannies with expertise and experience in childcare and first-aid training. A Nanny will work closely with you to ensure the physical and emotional development of your children, and take care of everyday childcare duties so you can enjoy your children at their very best.

Adam’s Concierge Service will be happy to discuss your needs and the service you require. Whether you are looking for a professional Governess, an experienced Nanny or a combination of the two, we are expert in finding the right candidate exclusively for you.


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