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Adam’s Recruitment and Concierge Services

Setting Recruitment Standards.

Adam’s Recruitment and Concierge Services
are an international recruitment business provides a high quality Recruitment and Concierge Service to customers across the world. All our staff are fully trained to a high standard, fully vetted with CRB checks and highly experienced within their industry.

Wherever you are in the world, Adam’s Recruitment and Concierge Services are around 24/7 to lend a helping hand to make your busy lives run smoothly.

Adam’s Recruitment and Concierge Services understand every household is unique and we work closely with you to provide the services that meet your needs. We work in a professional, discreet and friendly way to bring confidence to our clients and our staff. Our tailor made service include:

Governess, Housekeepers, After school Nannies, Careers with NVQ 2 and 3, Tutors, Gardeners, Midwife and Maternity nurses, Chauffeurs, Night Nanny, Butlers and Home Managers, Maids, Emergency nannies, Family Personal Assistants, Events Nannies, Chefs, Mobile creche, Live in Couples, International Governess, Bilingual Nannies.

Our busy clients appreciate our comprehensive level of service. When it comes to the recruitment process, we personally ensure the right candidate is matched to the right client and we are always happy to hear from experienced and highly motivated candidates who are looking to work.

We hope we can work together in order to find you the right staff, or help you to find your ideal job.


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